Sharing Your Testimony

Kaleb had the opportunity to share what Jesus had done in his life in the article "Broken Opportunity" by Lila Marie Chandler in the December 30 issue of ENCOUNTER. Have you ever shared your testimony with others as Kaleb did? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

Times of Doubt

Maybe you relate to April Stier in her testimony "Confessions of a Doubt-filled, Lower-than-low, Feeling-like-a-loser Teen" in the December 30 issue of ENCOUNTER. Has God recently helped you through a time of doubt? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

How Do You Serve?

If you took the quiz "What's Your Serving Style?" by Katrina L. Cassel in the December 23 issue of ENCOUNTER, leave a comment and tell us your results. Which way do you serve best? How do you plan to use that serving style in the coming year?


Now that you've read "Handling Holiday Stress" by Teresa Cleary in the December 16 issue of ENCOUNTER, we want to know: What helps you relieve stress? Leave a comment here with your ideas. They might help other people during this crazy holiday season!

Reaching out with GRITS

You read an interview with Grits by Christy Barritt in the December 9 issue of ENCOUNTER. Now let us know your thoughts.

Grits is trying to reach non-Christians through hip-hop music. How do you reach out to your non-Christian friends or family members? Leave a comment here and tell us!
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