One Small Action

Kendall took one small action that led to starting her own nonprofit organization that helps numerous kids in Africa. What small action might you take that could make a difference in the world?

Share your ideas and experiences in a comment on this post.

ENCOUNTER article: "No Limits: Kendall Ciesemier"
article author: Ronica Stromberg
magazine: October 31, 2010 issue of ENCOUNTER

Peer Pressure

How much influence do you let your friends have in your life? Share your thoughts and quiz results in a comment on this post.

ENCOUNTER article: "How Well Do You Handle Peer Pressure?"
article author: Katrina Cassel
magazine: October 24, 2010 issue of ENCOUNTER

Seasons Change

Different times and experiences in our lives can reflect the changing of seasons. How have you seen this happen in your life?

ENCOUNTER article: "A New Season"
article author: Tammy Darling
magazine: October 17, 2010 issue of ENCOUNTER

Hey Seniors!

What would you add to Kailey's Top 10 List for Seniors?

ENCOUNTER article: "Top 10 List for Seniors"
article author: Kailey Moore
magazine: October 10, 2010 issue of ENCOUNTER


How do you and your friends keep each other accountable?

Share your experiences and ideas in a comment on this post.

ENCOUNTER article: "1+1"
article author: Elizabeth Matko
magazine: October 3, 2010 issue of ENCOUNTER
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