The inside scoop on parents

In the article "Secrets Your Parents Never Told You" you got some insider information from a parent on the struggles and joys parents have in raising teens like YOU.

So now's the time for you to brag. Share something you want to celebrate about your mom or dad. Leave a comment and tell us something great they've done for you.

article author: Teresa Cleary
magazine: April 27, 2008 issue of ENCOUNTER

What's your family like?

This week we're kicking of a series of ENCOUNTER issues all about families. Keep reading and you'll find articles about being adopted, living with grandparents, parent who are ill, parents who have passed away, and parents who are divorced. We have a fun quiz on assessing the personality types of you and your family and how to get along with everyone. And we talk about being an active part of the family of God.

It's good stuff -- you don't want to miss out! We also want to hear from you. What good things are going on with your parents, siblings, etc.? How has God helped you through rough family times? How has God brought you closer together? What have you learned from your church family? Leave a comment and share a story from your life.

At an intersection

In the article "One Way" we read about why it's important to tell others that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. And the author used a metaphor of driving on a road to explain why Jesus is the only way.

Have you shared this important message with someone? How do you explain to others that Jesus is the only way to Heaven? Leave a comment and share your story.

article author: Tammy Darling
magazine: April 20, 2008 issue of ENCOUNTER

Is He Lord?

In the article "Follow the Leader/Lover" we read about what it really means to make Jesus Lord of our lives.

How have you truly made Jesus Lord of your life? Leave a comment and share your story.

article author: Jennifer M. Kvamme
magazine: April 13 issue of ENCOUNTER

The Resurrection

In the article "Block Games" we read about two girls discussing why it was important to care about Jesus' resurrection--not just His death.

Have you ever struggled, wondering why Jesus’ resurrection is important? Did reading this article change your thoughts? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

article author: Sarah Mae Ratliff
magazine: April 6 issue of ENCOUNTER
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