Do you have confidence—in God?

This week in ENCOUNTER there is a quiz on confidence. How easily do you trust in God? Is facing the the future easier for you, knowing God is with you? Do you easily give your problems over to God, or does your faith waver in tough times? We understand. It can be challenge.

Leave a comment and share your quiz results and your thoughts on trusting God in good times and bad.

ENCOUNTER article: "The Confidence Quiz"
article author: by Christina Dotson
magazine: March 1, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Sometimes people are frustrating

Tekoa admitted that sometimes people complicate her life and she wished she could be all alone. Then she experiences situations where she realizes she DOES need people in her life.

Do you ever feel fed up with the people around you? Although it's hard to realize at times, we really do need to rely on others. That's how God made things!

How do you depend on other Christians in your life? What have you learned from relying on them? Please leave a comment and share your story.

ENCOUNTER article: "Baking Soda on a Desert Island"
article author: by Tekoa Miller
magazine: February 22, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Do you have a role model?

Today in ENCOUNTER, Melissa shared thoughts about her role model. Evaluating a lady's life at her funeral made Melissa stop and consider what she'd like to see in her own life.

Do you have a role model? Do you have mature Christians in your life that you can look up to or who you can seek to help you grow in your walk with Christ?

Please leave a comment and tell us about these great people!

ENCOUNTER article: "Deciding WHO I Want to Be"
article author: by Melissa Hill
magazine: February 15, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Valentine's Day—what's the point?

This week in ENCOUNTER we looked at one possible story of how Valentine's Day got started.

But now matter how it started, it's become a time of the year that can heap a lot of feelings on people. If you're dating, you have expectations. Or you feel burdened on what to do to make the day special. If you're not dating, you just get sick of hearing about it from everyone who is. You just want the day over with.

Although it may be cliché to say, please remember whether you have someone to date or not, God loves you. Sure, that may still seem lonely since He's not around in person to be with you. But it's still true. And no matter how people treat you, God has your heart on His mind all the time.

So whatever else you do, give God a thought this Valentine's Day.

ENCOUNTER article: "Feeling the Love"
article author: by Anne Williman
magazine: February 8, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

When you have to be a leader

Today we read the testimony of an anonymous Bible study leader, sharing the ups and downs of having to be a leader.

Have you ever had to be the leader of a group? What were the best and worst things about it? Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

ENCOUNTER article: "A Born (Again) Leader: Confessions of an anonymous Bible study member"
magazine: February 8, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Money can't buy faithfulness

Today we read Catherine's story about how her life changed when her family won lots of money. But Catherine’s faithfulness to God was more important than money and things.

Have you ever had to give up something because of your faith? Please leave a comment and share your story with us.

ENCOUNTER article: "Being Me . . . with Money"
article author: by Karen M. Leet
magazine: February 1, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER
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