They're so stuck up!

Scott could not get past how snobby he thought Annie was.

All of us can think of stuck-up people. But there's often more underneath the surface. There are times when things we do or say can be interpreted as snobby. Try to find out more of the story if you think people are stuck-up. Maybe they are, or maybe something else is going on.

Have you ever thought someone was a snob but then that person became your friend? Please leave a comment and share your story.

ENCOUNTER article: ". . . But You Can't Pick Your Family"
article author: by Elizabeth Matko
magazine: March 29, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

What kind of friend are YOU?!

This week in ENCOUNTER there is a quiz about friendship. God gives us his design on what it means to be a true friend. What did the quiz tell you about yourself? Are you a true and godly friend, a pretty good friend, a self-focused friend, or a frenemy?

Leave a comment and share your quiz results!

ENCOUNTER article: "Are You a True Friend?"
article author: by Melissa O'Reilly
magazine: March 22, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Feeling Alone?

This week in ENCOUNTER, we're talking about loneliness. Yeah, it's not a very happy topic, is it? But we all feel alone at one point or another. What makes a difference is what we DO about it!

The article "Reaching Out from Loneliness" gives some great advice on things you can try to overcome your loneliness. Have you ever tried any of those ideas to battle loneliness? What works for you?

Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

article author: by Teresa Cleary
magazine: March 15, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Under Pressure?

This week in ENCOUNTER, we're looking at peer pressure. Did you know there were so many kinds of it? We didn't until we started reading!

Which type of peer pressure have you faced the most in your life? How do you usually respond?

Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

ENCOUNTER article: "5 Types of Peer Pressure"
article author: by Tammy Darling
magazine: March 8, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER
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