The Cross

In the article "Hiding or Walking?" we read about the reasons why Jesus' death on the cross means so much to each of us.

Does the cross make a difference in your daily life? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

article author: Elizabeth Matko
magazine: March 30 issue of ENCOUNTER

Happy Easter!

If you took the quiz "Are You an Easter Expert?" by Anne Williman in the March 23 issue of ENCOUNTER, leave a comment and tell us your results. How much do you really know about Easter?

We hope you have a great weekend, celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus. What a wonderful gift of grace!

Winning and Losing

In the article "Good Sport" we read about the strategies Becca used to handle winning and losing in her sport of wrestling.

In what activities do you compete? How do you remain gracious, both when you win and lose? Leave a comment and share your techniques.

article author: D. Lynn Black
magazine: March 16 issue of ENCOUNTER

Spring is here! (Almost.)

Spring is here! At least, it's coming. It's Daylight Savings Time, at least. That's springlike, right? Here in Cincinnati, Ohio, home of ENCOUNTER—The Magazine, it's trying to hang on to winter. We're getting up to 12 inches of snow. Yikes! I'm ready for warmth.

Spring means Spring Break! Leave a comment and share your Spring Break plans. Whatever you do, glorify God in the process! :)

Sacrificing for the Team

In the article "I Quit!" Josh talked about not making the varsity tennis team. He was very disappointed. Later he realized it was for the good of the team that another player made varsity instead of him.

Have you had to sacrifice for the greater good of a team or a group? How did you react? Leave us a comment and share your story.

article author: by Josh Kim as told to Christy Heitger
magazine: March 2 issue of ENCOUNTER
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