This week in ENCOUNTER we've got a quiz about rejection. We've all been rejected at one point in life, and it will happen again in the future at some point. Rejection can happen at work, at school, by friends or dates. So how do we handle this rejection? That's what matters.

Leave a comment and share your quiz results or your own tips for handling rejection.

ENCOUNTER article: "How Well Do You Handle Rejection?"
article author: by Katrina Cassel
magazine: May 31, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Doing Something to Help

Austin talked to ENCOUNTER about his passion for Zambia and what he's doing to raise money that will help children in Zambia and fight against AIDS.

Austin saw hurting people and is doing something about it using basketball. What do you plan to do to help hurting people? Leave a comment and share your passion and plan.

ENCOUNTER article: "Adventures in Zambia"
article author: by Michael P. Murphy
magazine: May 24, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Good things from failures

This week Christy shared a story from her life when failing an audition turned out to become a blessing God used in her life.

Have you ever had good things come out of failure? Leave a comment and share your story!

ENCOUNTER article: "My Greatest Failure Ever"
article author: by Christy Heitger
magazine: May 17, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

What makes you freak out?

Christina shared the EXTREME anxiety she faced when she took the ACT. Different things make different people freak out. What about you?

What is the worse stress you’ve ever felt? What did you do about your worry? Leave a comment and share your story.

ENCOUNTER article: "Test Stress!"
article author: by Christina Dotson
magazine: May 10, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Who Are Your True Friends?

This week Brian talked about how important friends are in our lives because they influence who we become. He talked about the church word we hear: "fellowship." When friends who love Jesus encourage one another and push each other to become better followers of God, that's when true fellowship happens.

What are the best times of fellowship you’ve had with other Christians? How does that fellowship make you a better person? Leave a comment and share.

ENCOUNTER article: "Funny Tasting Chocolate Bars and the Power of Fellowship"
article author: by Brian Coates
magazine: May 3, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER
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