Now Playing in a Theater Near You!

In this week's issue of ENCOUNTER—The Magazine, Brian showed us how our lives can sometimes look like a movie. What does your life's movie look like?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts on life, God, and movie prequels.

ENCOUNTER article: "The Greatest Prequel Ever"
article author: Brian Coates
magazine: August 30, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Run Kid Run

In this week's issue, David Josiah Curtis from Run Kid Run shared how being in a band has allowed him and his bandmates to tell people about Christ's grace and freedom. Do you have the latest Run Kid Run album? Have you ever seen them perform live?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts or experiences.

ENCOUNTER article: "Running Free"
article author: Christy Barritt
magazine: August 23, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Something for Nothing

In this week's issue, Erin had a hard time understanding grace. Do you ever struggle to grasp the concept that grace is truly FREE?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

ENCOUNTER article: "Free Gift"
article author: by Karen M. Leet
magazine: August 16, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER

Wanting . . .

This week ENCOUNTER has a quiz to determine if you struggle with coveting. It's something everyone deals with once in a while. But do you struggle with coveting more than you expected?

Leave a comment and share your quiz results.

ENCOUNTER article: "Do You Want What You Don’t Have?"
article author: by Jaclyn S. Miller
magazine: August 9, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER
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