A Good Friend

In this week's issue of ENCOUNTER, we read Laura's testimony about her godly friend. Does Laura’s story remind you of a friend who’s been encouraging in your relationship with God?

Leave a comment and tell us about your great friend!

article author: Laura Farrar
magazine: September 7, 2008 issue of ENCOUNTER


George said...

Every summer I attend a Christian Camp. This summer and last summer, more than any other, I met friends that i will probably have for a lifetime. Although none of us live that close to each other, we keep in touch, we tell everyone happy birthday, and we try to plan times for reunions. I am so lucky, for God brought all of us together through His faith. And through His faith we have remained friends.

George said...

Oh, one more thing I forgot. One of my friends wasn't sure if he believed in God. One day he told God that he needed proof. A few months later he realized he had had proof all along. He told me that God is everywhere. He saw love. He saw the love in his friends and family, and realized that only God could have rendered such a strong force. When he told me this, I was completely moved by his change of faith. He was right.

Laur-Laur said...

That is an awesome story George--thanks for sharing! I am so glad your friend realized that God was there all along!

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