Which kind of smart are you?

In this week's issue of ENCOUNTER, there was a quiz to help you figure out what kind of intelligence type you are.

Are you your smartest when it comes to words, math & science, art, music, sports, people, yourself, or nature? Leave a comment and share your results!

article author: Katrina Cassel
magazine: October 12, 2008 issue of ENCOUNTER


Anonymous said...

These Results are a little messed up. We think that the D and E categories are switched.

So we have an:

E- sports smart guy
F-interpersonal guy
?-someone who is a mixed bag. We think she is an C but she thinks she is people smart.

ENCOUNTER—The Magazine said...

Thanks so much for letting us know about this error. You're right, the D and E categories in the results section accidentally got switched.

So all D answers should be "sports smart" and all E answers should be "music smart."

We apologize for this mistake!

Anonymous said...

That is cool. we had a good time with the quiz.

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