Feeling Alone?

This week in ENCOUNTER, we're talking about loneliness. Yeah, it's not a very happy topic, is it? But we all feel alone at one point or another. What makes a difference is what we DO about it!

The article "Reaching Out from Loneliness" gives some great advice on things you can try to overcome your loneliness. Have you ever tried any of those ideas to battle loneliness? What works for you?

Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

article author: by Teresa Cleary
magazine: March 15, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER


Anonymous said...

I think it is helpful to write in a journal. It creates a way for me to express my feelings without anyone having to know my secret thoughts. Writing/keeping a journal is not hard. Find a paper and pen and start writing!

Anonymous said...

When I am lonely I go into my room so I can be by myself. When I am in my room I talk to God. I also keep a God Journal; in my God journal I write all my thoughts and prays down, I pour out my heart to the Lord.

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