Do you have confidence—in God?

This week in ENCOUNTER there is a quiz on confidence. How easily do you trust in God? Is facing the the future easier for you, knowing God is with you? Do you easily give your problems over to God, or does your faith waver in tough times? We understand. It can be challenge.

Leave a comment and share your quiz results and your thoughts on trusting God in good times and bad.

ENCOUNTER article: "The Confidence Quiz"
article author: by Christina Dotson
magazine: March 1, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER


Emily said...

Most people only turn to God in the middle of bad times, using God as a way to lift them out of bad situations- nothing else. We have to praise God in good times and bad times, not just ask for things!

Bethany said...

One time I was going through a really hard time and stuggeling with lots of things. I really started to pray a lot and I read my Bible and wrote down my prayers every single night. Just don't forget to praise the Lord in good times and bad!

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