When you have to be a leader

Today we read the testimony of an anonymous Bible study leader, sharing the ups and downs of having to be a leader.

Have you ever had to be the leader of a group? What were the best and worst things about it? Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

ENCOUNTER article: "A Born (Again) Leader: Confessions of an anonymous Bible study member"
magazine: February 8, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER


Anonymous said...

I do not like leading groups, especially bigger ones. They make me feel slightly bossy, I mean how can I find out/understand everyones opinion?

Bethany said...

I'm the oldest in my family, so I kinda take the "leader" role. Around my friends I'm more of a follower. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a leader in my family, but they need someone to keep them under control. With my friends I feel like sometimes I'm too quiet and need to express my opinion more.

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