Sometimes people are frustrating

Tekoa admitted that sometimes people complicate her life and she wished she could be all alone. Then she experiences situations where she realizes she DOES need people in her life.

Do you ever feel fed up with the people around you? Although it's hard to realize at times, we really do need to rely on others. That's how God made things!

How do you depend on other Christians in your life? What have you learned from relying on them? Please leave a comment and share your story.

ENCOUNTER article: "Baking Soda on a Desert Island"
article author: by Tekoa Miller
magazine: February 22, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER


Em said...

I depend on all of my christian friends for support. Singing, talking, laughing, and traveling with my friends is a great way to boost my spirit- and I totally depend on it.

Bethany said...

I really depend on all the girls in my youth group. I can share a lot with them and I know they won't tell anyone. I also spend a lot of time praying to the Lord.

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