Do you have a role model?

Today in ENCOUNTER, Melissa shared thoughts about her role model. Evaluating a lady's life at her funeral made Melissa stop and consider what she'd like to see in her own life.

Do you have a role model? Do you have mature Christians in your life that you can look up to or who you can seek to help you grow in your walk with Christ?

Please leave a comment and tell us about these great people!

ENCOUNTER article: "Deciding WHO I Want to Be"
article author: by Melissa Hill
magazine: February 15, 2009 issue of ENCOUNTER


Emily said...

My role model goes to my church. She is totally sweet, kind, and selfless. She is full of confidence, but definitly not a snob. I would love to get to know her as a very good friend, but there is quite an age difference, so I admire her from a distance... :)

Bethany said...

My role model is one of my VERY good friends. She is much older than me, but treats me her age. She loves the Lord and is the sweetest,kindest girl I know. Since she is older than me and has been through everything I am going through right now, she gives me lots of advice. We are very close!

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